Is there a way I can check my fasting blood sugar at home?

Answer I don't think so...but a lot of those commericals say you can get them for free and even if you have to pay for one...your life is worth it to you I'm sure!

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Had fasting blood test but have been called back for another non-fasting to re-check u&e's. clues please?

Maybe some of the results are a bit out of range, so they called you back to confirm it or to get some new results. It's all for your health and not for their profit..

Is a fasting blood sugar of 58 okay?

That's definitely on the low side. Most doctors would classify that as hypoglycemic. Are you symptomatic at that level?

IS this a high fasting blood sugar!!?

After I asked some friends your question, I can say that your blood sugar was with in thee normal range not a high blood sugar. Hope I was of some help .

Is a blood sugar level, after fasting, of 107 bad?

On One Hand: Non-fasting Blood-Sugar RangesAccording to Web MD, normal ranges for blood sugar in a non-fasting person are 70 to 145. Blood sugars may go slightly higher in some people, but should d... Read More »