Is there a vault one?

Answer ........of course

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AVG virus vault- should I delete the infected files or empty the vault?

Its never recommended to delete a virus first hand.Whenever your anti-virus detect a virus, you should always put them in the vault in case your computer starts to cause problems and you need to r... Read More »

How to Vault over a Low Wall?

Vaulting is one of the most basic moves in Parkour. This WikiHow will describe vaulting over a low wall for beginners.

How to Gate Vault?

The gate vault consists of a traceur/freerunner leaning him or her self over an obstacle (eg. mesh fence) planting his/her hand halfway down and bringing his/her legs over the obstacle.

How to Do a Speed Vault?

You may have seen this move many times before but many people don't do it right. This is how to do the speed vault properly.