Is there a vaccination for dogs to prevent heartworm?

Answer A six month vaccination is available through ProHeart and is administered by your veterinarian. The injection is a sustained release preventive for heartworms. It also comes in a monthly oral dose ... Read More »

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How to Prevent Heartworm Infections in Dogs?

Heartworm infections can make dogs very sick and may kill dogs if not detected early. Dogs of any age or breed may be infected, but there are medications, and other ways to prevent heartworm infect... Read More »

Are heartworm pills bad for dogs?

On One Hand: Heartworm Medication Stops HeartwormsHeartworm has a slow, cumulative effect on your dog, slowly aging and killing her. Heartworm pills prevent the heartworm larvae from maturing and h... Read More »

Heartworm Treatment Risk for Dogs?

Mosquitoes are the primary cause for the spread of heartworm disease. Heartworm disease is a common disease that affects dogs throughout the world except in Antarctica. Dogs in some areas of the Un... Read More »

Will Giving Garlic Cloves to Dogs Help Get Rid of a Heartworm?

Canine heartworms are typically contracted through mosquito bites. If a mosquito has bitten an infected animal, he can then pass the larvae on to his next victim. Dogs may exhibit signs of heartwor... Read More »