Is there a total drama season four?

Answer Yes, Its called Total Drama Reloaded. But its ONLY to prepare four season five

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Can you buy total drama island or total drama action or total drama world tour on dvd?

Why do they start total drama the musical if there is no total drama drama drama drama action?

there is 1 thing wrong in your ? it is called world tour but they{the competitors} sing anyway the manhunt movie is the total drama drama drama action

Will there be a total drama season 6?

maybe if more people watch total drama and wish total drama never was over they would do season 6 so people watch total drama on tv!

What is the 4th season of total drama island?

Season 4 is going to be back on the island with new characters there is only 13 people so there will only be 13 episodes and its called Total Drama Reloaded