Is there a thing i can dowmload to get rid of virsues and errors for free?

Answer google to get AVG its free

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Free scan errors and also free repair i need to fix the scanned errors and repair them for free?

Most of the free scans are a way to give you a sells pitch... For work you may or may not need. I would not do it.I have been a tech for many years, and have certifications...

Where would i get free dowmload for e-books?

There are millions of free ebooks, but make sure that you download from a reputable source. Many of the sites do not own the copyright in the books, so you could be breaking the law by downloading ... Read More »

Is there such thing as free sky?

Yes there is. However, to access the service you need a dish and a Sky Box.Have a look at:

Is there a such thing as free preschool?

Have you checked into cooperative preschools? There are some good ones near us in Virginia and I considered them for my daughter. The price is lessoned by having parents work in the preschool in ... Read More »