Is there a test to measure transit time of materials through the colon?

Answer A test to determine how long it takes food to move through your colon is called a bowel transit time test, according to Revolution Health. You swallow pellets that show up on x-rays, which are take... Read More »

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What Authentic Test Materials & Methods for Reading Assessments Are There for ESOL Learners?

Authentic assessment--evaluating students' ability in real-world contexts--is a key term in the current methods and materials that ESOL teachers develop when looking at student progress. The wealt... Read More »

How to Measure the Specific Gravity of Materials Lighter Than Water?

You can measure the specific gravity of any material by measuring its density and dividing that by the density of pure water, which is 1 gram per milliliter (g/mL). Scientists define density as the... Read More »

What Is Sun Transit & Moon Transit?

In astronomical terms, transit has three meanings, all connected with the apparent motion of celestial bodies from the vantage point of an observer. Because the Sun and Earth's Moon are the largest... Read More »