Is there a sure-fire way to keep hard boiled egg yolks from turning green?

Answer Cool them quickly after they are done cooking. Do NOT add salt to the water, it changes the boiling temperature and can make the egg whites tough.How to boil eggs:- set eggs out for a little while ... Read More »

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Can you put bleach in a stock tank to keep it from turning green?

Algae forms in the water of stock tanks that are located in the sunlight. By adding 2 or 3 oz. of 5.25 percent household bleach per 100 gallons of water to a stock tank once a week, you prevent the... Read More »

How to Keep a Ring From Turning Your Finger Green?

That awful green color that has developed underneath your latest jewelry piece can be a dead giveaway that you are not wearing a product made of high-quality metal. The green that is forming on you... Read More »

How to Keep Hard Cider From Turning to Vinegar?

Hard cider, a fruit drink high in alcohol, has been a merry drink for centuries throughout Europe. However, even with master brewmen, old Europe still had a problem when creating the beloved drink ... Read More »

Chunks of boiled egg yolks while baking?

You should press the boiled yolks through a sieve first.I don't think you can rescue this batch without overworking the dough, unless you can easily pick out the lumps and sieve them then mix back ... Read More »