Is there a such thing as free preschool?

Answer Have you checked into cooperative preschools? There are some good ones near us in Virginia and I considered them for my daughter. The price is lessoned by having parents work in the preschool in ... Read More »

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Is my kids school doing the right thing preschool?

This is not such a good idea in my opinion. Firstly, discipline for children this young should be immediate. Waiting until the end of the week to 'reward' good behaviour is defeating the purpose.... Read More »

Is being a Child Care Worker and a Preschool Teacher the same thing?

u are thinking what im thinking. but there is a bit different of course. being a preschool teacher is to teach the children and being a daycare teacher (in my country, some centre called their dayc... Read More »

Preschool teachers: What was the cutest/funniest thing one of your students said recently?

I did a spontaneous natural science lesson with my Preschoolers by bringing in a thick sheet of ice from our water table outside our door. It had a lot of dry leaves, twigs, stones, etc. frozen i... Read More »

CT Free Preschool Programs?

Connecticut is home to some free preschool programs that have helped children get a head start in a lifetime of learning. Whether you're a Connecticut resident, or desire to learn about their progr... Read More »