Is there a such thing as a 10 dollar itunes card?

Answer yes.

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Is there a 10 dollar itunes gift card value?

When you sign up to itunes is there a way that you can just skip the credit card thing?

You should be able to bypass it now because iTunes has a promotion going on right now for a free $5 gift card if you sign up for a new account.Just go to the iTunes website and look for the small f... Read More »

Is there such a thing as an Amazon or iTunes gift card code generator?

There was one from China, but it turned out to be bogus. The big thing that everyone is doing is signing up for the iTunes new promotion where you get a free $5 gift card when you get a new account... Read More »

How to switch iTunes account from credit card to iTunes gift card?

on the edit payment section delete your credit card information (ie. number) and press done. that should get your credit card off the account so it will use your gift card.