Is there a substitute for pectin?

Answer Pectin substitutes include agar, arrowroot powder and gelatin. Pectin is a substance found naturally in fruits and vegetables that is most often used to thicken jellies and jams. Because pectin is ... Read More »

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Can you substitute pectin for gelatin?

You can substitute pectin for gelatin when cooking and baking desserts. Pectin is a complex carbohydrate derived from fruit, while gelatin is made from the bones, hide and skin of animals. Accordin... Read More »

I am looking for a seasoning substitute for any type of seaweed product for making a vegan fish substitute.?

Old bay makes quite a few seafood seasonings. There are many , but these can be found in any supermarket. Anything natural thats going to give it a "seaweed" taste like nori, kelp, wakame, etcc. co... Read More »

Is pectin bad for you?

On One Hand: It's Not Bad For YouPectin is a common thickening agent used in jams and jellies. It is a naturally occurring fiber that comes from the peels of an apple, along with many other fruits.... Read More »

What is pectin used for?

Pectin is a natural gelling agent found in ripe fruit, and is a key ingredient in making jams and jellies. Many fruits used in preserves (e.g. blackberries) contain enough natural pectin for the ja... Read More »