Is there a stylus for the iPhone?

Answer (If you own one.) Just use the DS or DSI stylist.(:

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IPhone 3GS to iPhone 4. I just bought a iPhone 3GS the day before the iPhone 4 was announced. Is there any way I can return mine with the money going towards the iPhone 4?

I'm assuming this is old as the iPhone has been out awhile, but no there is no return policy with Apple or AT&T.

Is there a stylus for windows 8 touchscreen computer?

All capacitive screen stylus's are the same. The ONLY thing different is the Samsung Galaxy Note's "S-Pen".

Is there a driver for epson stylus color 850 that is compatible with Windows XP?

Here's a link to the epson web site which has a XP diver for your printer. Just download this driver and your printer should start to work.…

Can you buy an iPhone and just put the sim card from your existing ATT 3G phone in I did so in my brother's iPhone and got service and wanted to know if there was a way to do this with a new iphone?

An AT&T 3G sim card will work in a new iPhone.yessss you can :) but the box for the iPhone comes with a little tool to help you open the little compartment for the sim card.... its hidden right und... Read More »