Is there a steam system made that turns a wind turbine?

Answer No; each turbine system is specifically designed to harness energy from only one source, including, but not limited to, power generated by steam, wind and water. Steam systems have been developed t... Read More »

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How to Run a Car on an Electric Battery and a Wind Turbine Recharge System?

The potential benefits of cars that can run on electric batteries are enormous. These cars could reduce our need for oil, reduce pollution, and ultimately reduce travel costs. Recent advances in el... Read More »

Who is the scientist that created the wind turbine?

While windmills have existed for centuries, the invention of the first automatically operating wind turbine used for electricity generation is credited to Charles F. Brush. Built in 1888, the turbi... Read More »

What is the part on a wind turbine that gathers energy?

The generator in a wind turbine changes kinetic energy into mechanical or electrical energy. The blades on a wind turbine gather the wind energy and turn a drive shaft, which rotates the generator ... Read More »

What is the wind speed needed to run a wind turbine?

The U.S. Department of Energy considers a wind speed of 14.5 miles per hour, measured 80 meters off the ground, necessary to run a wind turbine. The wind speed must be measured and averaged over th... Read More »