Is there a standard way to measure a penis?

Answer The standard way is having a ruler placed to the side of the shaft and measuring from the base to the tip.

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How many ounces in a standard one cup measure?

A standard 1 cup measure for liquids and dry ingredients contains 8 ounces. Sometimes recipes include instructions for measuring. For example, 1 firmly packed cup of sugar means to press as much su... Read More »

What does a standard kitchen base cabinet depth from front to back measure?

How to increase penis size naturally what is the best penis enlargement?

I remember reading somewhere that if you squeeze just underneath the head of your penis gently then gently pull your penis away from you every day for a few months it can make it grow up to one inc... Read More »

Do you think the man whose penis is shown on the Wikipedia article, "Penis" is embarassed ?

No, his face isn't showing so why would he be embarrassed?Don't know if I'd be embarrassed while the pics were taken..I don't have a penis.