Is there a special name for siblings 18 months apart?

Answer I don't really think so but if u wanna create a name u can! =)

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Are there any special procedures you need to do if you are planning on moving to Switzerland for 6 months?

It depends on your nationality. If you are a EU passport holder then there is not much to do for you. Just move here, register etc.

Can you be a twin if your born 8 months apart?

No. Twins are two embryos fertilized and implanted in the uterus at about the same time, and they come to term at about the same time. They can either be fraternal, i.e. two eggs and two sperm, or ... Read More »

In a group of siblings there are 7 sister each sister has 1 brother how many siblings are there in total?

8 siblings all together as each sister has 1 common brother.

Can you name Janet Jacksons siblings from oldest to youngest siblings?

Antoine Lavoisier is known to not have any siblings, though other websites may argue differently.