Is there a special brand of rum needed?

Answer Yes. It's Jamaican rum with gummy bears melted in it. Get it? "Rum" + "gummy" = "rummy." Just mix with gin and serve with a twist of lemon.Rummy = yummy.(If you don't have gin, just through som... Read More »

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Is there a special brand of gum or mints that can cover the smell of booze?

"Laid back...With my mind on my money and my money on my mind".Don't think such a product exists, which is why I just lock my office door. This effectively wards off those pesky co-workers and anno... Read More »

Is there a special day at Dixie Classic f Fair NC for persons with special needs?

Is early intervention needed for special children?

Some people who cannot talk CAN hear. It depends on their particular disability. If a person is born deaf, it can keep them from learning to speak normally, and some people may have other reasons t... Read More »

Training Needed to Teach Special Education?

A special education teacher requires additional training in order to deal with a variety of disabilities. There are levels within the special education realm. Some of the more specialized instructo... Read More »