Is there a special brand of gum or mints that can cover the smell of booze?

Answer "Laid back...With my mind on my money and my money on my mind".Don't think such a product exists, which is why I just lock my office door. This effectively wards off those pesky co-workers and anno... Read More »

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What is in Spi-C-Mints Starlight Mints candy?

Spi-C-Mints Starlight mints are made with cinnamon to give them a spicy taste. Spi-C-Mints are round with a peppermint swirl and a pink center made with the cinnamon flavor. The candy is manufactu... Read More »

What is that weird smell that some brand new electronics have?

Hi thereOften appliances are packaged in plastic bags , and it can be from the bags , or the plastics in the device themselves that can gas out., leading to a strong odour.In electronics manufactur... Read More »

Is there a special brand of rum needed?

Yes. It's Jamaican rum with gummy bears melted in it. Get it? "Rum" + "gummy" = "rummy." Just mix with gin and serve with a twist of lemon.Rummy = yummy.(If you don't have gin, just through som... Read More »

Is a burning smell from a brand new water heater normal when you use it for the first time?

pretty much it is normal, just a few oils or manufacturing stuff that is being burned off once the ne water heater is lit.