Is there a special brand of gum or mints that can cover the smell of booze?

Answer "Laid back...With my mind on my money and my money on my mind".Don't think such a product exists, which is why I just lock my office door. This effectively wards off those pesky co-workers and anno... Read More »

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What is that weird smell that some brand new electronics have?

Hi thereOften appliances are packaged in plastic bags , and it can be from the bags , or the plastics in the device themselves that can gas out., leading to a strong odour.In electronics manufactur... Read More »

Is there a special brand of rum needed?

Yes. It's Jamaican rum with gummy bears melted in it. Get it? "Rum" + "gummy" = "rummy." Just mix with gin and serve with a twist of lemon.Rummy = yummy.(If you don't have gin, just through som... Read More »

Is there a brand of shampoo that I can buy that won't make me do that whole 'repeat' thing?

i use herbal essence, zilla, and it gives me the option to repeat or not.i love the freedom so much, i go outside and shake my hair just like the chics on the commercial. my neighbors think i'm cr... Read More »

My towels smell bad, Do they need to be washed with anything special or dried at high temp to get rid of that?

They may smell bad because they have been wet to long. I think you should use baking powder in the wash water also some pinesoil cap full they will smell good then.