Is there a solar powered option for the battery operated toys?

Answer Why do you need a toy to play with when you can have me? Who does not like Squirrels? This one only plays with single and available women. LOL

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Would you prefer a solar powered watch over a battery powered?

Battery powered because I don't want to stay out in the sun. I'd like my apt. to be solar powered though.

Are battery-operated bath toys safe?

On One Hand: Proper Design is WatertightBattery-operated bath toys are generally safe for water use because the voltage in batteries is so low, according to "It's a Wired World," a teacher's guide ... Read More »

How big is a solar-powered battery?

Batteries used in solar-powered systems vary in size, depending on the type of battery used, the capacity and the manufacturer. Medium-scale systems (i.e. powering a house) commonly use arrays of 6... Read More »

Is there a solar powered car?

Solar powered cars have been around since the 1980s, but as scientific test projects and contest entries, not as consumer vehicles. In 2009, Toyota announced that it would add solar panels to its e... Read More »