Is there a software that can teach sign language?

Answer English as in British English? If so, then do a Google (or other search engine) search for "British Sign Language". It is not the same as ASL (American Sign Language). If by English you mean Amer... Read More »

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Georgia Colleges That Teach Sign Language?

Speaking and interpreting American Sign Language (ASL) is becoming more mainstream in general society in America. Translators are viewed on the television screen, at community and governmental meet... Read More »

Is there a software that can translate any language?

Babel Fish (online) can tanslate things to/from a lot of different languages, and I'm sure that there are programs that can translate certain languages. I don't know if there is one program with al... Read More »

Is there software that will translate movies into another language?

There are many sites that provide subtitle files for any movie out there. I've listed a few below. Use your preferred search engine and find it :) Source(s): http://ww... Read More »

How to Teach a Baby Sign Language?

When you teach your baby sign language, you are providing a form of communication until your child is able to talk. For this reason, sign language can prevent frustration for a baby, and for you. I... Read More »