Is there a site that will show me how to make a household budget?

Answer is a website that many consumers use for budgeting purposes. The website not only shows you how to budget, but it also allows you to download your personal checking and savings accounts in... Read More »

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Is there a site somewhere that will allow me to fetch a flv URL from myspace or other video sites?

if you have a website, then just upload your video to there and make the necessary modifications to your HTML document to load and play the file.And it would have helped to know what "player" you a... Read More »

Was there a show called That 60's Show that preceded That 70's Show?

no , i don't think so but i'm pretty sure there is a that 80's show or something like that but it got cancelled b/c no one watched it :(

Is there a site that tells you what graphics cards will go into your computer like crucial does with memory?

No you need to read the documentation that came with your PC or check with the manufacturer's Web site unless you are able to tell which type fits in your slot (AGP, PCI, PCI-E) by looking at the m... Read More »

Is there a certain chip inside a computer that will show you everything that you ever had on your computer?

go to and download a program called "recuva'use this to scan your entire hard drive and it will show all the files that have been deleted but not yet overwritten. its not a guarantee b... Read More »