Is there a site simular to google earth that has updated aerial photos of my house.?

Answer This is fun and requires no download..You get to fly a plane over the Earth!..This is not the hidden flight simulator thats hidden in the new G.E.4 but something else to see of your area is covered... Read More »

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Will google earth ever be updated?

Aren't we a cheeky load of "bastards?"I have been asking the same question for the last couple of years.I think we should be grateful that with technology we can at least see things via the Interne... Read More »

What month does google earth get updated?

New Google Earth satellite imagery is added approximately every 2 weeks or a twice a month. Street View imagery is updated on its own schedule. The same imagery that is added for Google Earth is av... Read More »

How often are the satlelite pictures on google earth updated?

Google Earth acquires the best imagery available, most of which is approximately one to three years old. We add to our database on a regular basis. We’re not able to provide you with detailed inf... Read More »

Is there anyone who works 4 google who can answer the question how often do the earth maps get updated?

Thier faq says the images are 1-3 yrs old.