Is there a significant difference between these two camera lenses?

Answer Although 2/3 of a stop isn't a lot, the 50mm f1.4 is still the better choice in my opinion. The overall build quality will outlast you and the better optics will give better results. The differenc... Read More »

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What is the Difference Between Digital Lenses&Analog Lenses?

Digital lenses are generally shorter and smaller in diameter than analog lenses. This is because the electronic image sensor in a digital camera is very small and the lens needs to be smaller to fo... Read More »

What is the differen between DX lenses and FX lenses for Nikon camera?

DX type lenses are made specifically for Nikons digital SLR cameras. The optics are focused for use on their APS-C digital sensor which is smaller than 35mm film frames.FX type lenses are "Full Fra... Read More »

Is there a significant difference from 512MB to 1GB in RAM?

it will not hurt........ also uninstalling all the pre loaded crap will help hp as tons.....

Is There a Significant Difference in Performance of Conventional vs. Synthetic Motor Oil?

Deciding whether to use conventional motor oil or synthetic oil to lubricate your vehicle’s engine depends on the age and condition of the car and whether the region where you live is subject to ... Read More »