Is there a serious possibility of Wikipedia ever shutting down?

Answer They are doing a blackout today, but just 24 hoursmeanwhile you can go to…a mirror, it copies everything on wikipedia

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What's going on with the shutting down of wikipedia?

PIPA and SOPA are acts that are being considered right now that have to do with copyrighted material. This would be like if something that is copyrighted like a song is linked to on a website then ... Read More »

Why is U.S Government shutting down Wikipedia?

Because I realize that your a troll and your IQ must not be that high.... gtfo noob.

What is this about wikipedia and other sites shutting down?

the us government is retarded and thinks that they can stop all free things on the internetwiki is a free site (so the act is against it) and its shutting down to protest against the acts that the ... Read More »

Stop Wikipedia from shutting down all Wednesday Protest!!!!!?

Wikipedia is only doing it to build public support against PIPA and SOPA. If they don't do it now, Wikipedia could look like it will tomorrow for years to come. Sure it is tough to think Wikipedia ... Read More »