Is there a scam or conspiracy to raise liability insurance rates?

Answer AnswerThere is no conspiracy. Most insurance companies have needed to raise rates for the last several years. 9/11 gave them the excuse. As you may or may not know there is a cycle on insurance bet... Read More »

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How do insurance companies raise rates?

Contrary to prevailing thought, insurance companies cannot raise their rates on a whim. For individual policyholders, rates can increase if a claim has been submitted, but across-the-board rate inc... Read More »

When can a health insurance company raise their rates?

Will a salvaged title raise insurance rates?

Answer yes, to some degree. Any car with a salvage title, (in my opinion as a Broker) should NOT be on the road! Sorry to be so blunt.

Will a'95 Impala SS raise or lower my auto insurance rates?

On One Hand: Depends on How Much your Current Car is WorthThe 2010 Kelly Blue Book value for a 1995 Chevrolet Impala is approximately $9,000. Insurance costs are based primarily on vehicle value. I... Read More »