Is there a safe working substitute (th word slipped my mind) for

Answer try

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How to Create a Safe Place in Your Mind?

Increase the power of any meditation exercise by creating and thinking of a safe place which you can visualize as you meditate.

Is splenda a safe sweet substitute for sugar?

On One Hand: Splenda Backed by 100 StudiesThe National Cancer Institute says there is no scientific proof that any FDA-approved sweeteners such as Splenda or sucralose cause cancer, according to a ... Read More »

What comes to your mind when I Say the word 'coffee'?

CAFFEINE TO THE RESCUE! orCOFFEE>>>The nectar of life xxx

When i say : Lil wayne ...what's the first word that comes in your mind ...?

Cuz I'm right right and your wrong left....har ha ahahahacheck out the bizarre I'm irregularly irregular!And Midget Mac lol