Is there a safe working substitute (th word slipped my mind) for

Answer try

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I just slipped and sprained my groin, it is all swollen down there, what should I do to help myself heal?

warm breath.... soothing..... a little licking.... balls across the nose for me..... are you feeling better?NO ICE

Is splenda a safe sweet substitute for sugar?

On One Hand: Splenda Backed by 100 StudiesThe National Cancer Institute says there is no scientific proof that any FDA-approved sweeteners such as Splenda or sucralose cause cancer, according to a ... Read More »

How to Create a Safe Place in Your Mind?

Increase the power of any meditation exercise by creating and thinking of a safe place which you can visualize as you meditate.

How to Make a Mind Map on Word?

A mind map is a method used to brainstorm, conceptualize, plan and make decisions. Mind mapping uses free association, creative thinking and graphic images to creatively help you generate ideas, co... Read More »