Is there a reliable CF reader for iPad 2 iso5?

Answer an ipad2But for what reason?

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What Is the Difference Between the E-reader & the iPad?

An e-reader and an iPad have the ability to display electronic books, allowing you to take a virtual library with you wherever you may travel. Since both offer the same function, you may question w... Read More »

Can a pandigital e-reader borrow novels from a Nook App on an iPad?

If the book is lendable through Barnes & Noble, you should be able to borrow it.Borders books are being handle by Kobo.

Need help with my iPad. So I got the WiFi plus 3g iPad. Then 3 days later someone cut r WiFi cord.I never got a chance 2 put my iPad 2 use the 3g.and I need WiFi 2 b able 2 do tat. Is there another wa?

Go to Best buy and get another wifi cord for like 40$ not that much money

Is there a reliable h2o vehicle for modes of transportation?

No. There is no way to extract a net positive amount of energy from water. Any competent engineer or scientist will tell you a water powered car is BS.