How to Speak Fluently in Various Languages for Free?

Answer text-to-speech.'s castSpeaking our language is very easy because we speak our language every day, but... when we don't some language. How can we do to speak like we were born in a... Read More »

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What languages are spoken in Switzerland?

Most Swiss citizens are at least bi-lingual. Depending where you are they speak German, Italian, French or Romansh (apologies if that mis-spelt) . In addition most have a working knowledge of Engli... Read More »

How many languages are spoken in east Africa?

There are two languages spoken in East Africa: English and Swahili. However, there are over 30 dialects and combinations of the two foundational languages. The dialects are grouped into three categ... Read More »

What are the federal regulations for adoption for a person with a felony drug offense is there a required amount of time that must pass before that person is allowed to adopt?

that dumb selfish bitch! think about the adopted child and what it'll do to them!

Is there a ceiling on the amount a person receives just in Social Security benefits?

There is an upper limit on Social Security benefits. Your benefit depends on how much you've paid in Social Security taxes, but each year only a certain portion of your income--in 2010, it was $106... Read More »