Is there a reason why nobody replys to my replys on craigslist items?

Answer If you received 8 emails from craigslist, the anonymous email system must be working because you received the emails. Your responses should be a reply to them, meaning they will see your actual em... Read More »

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How to make youtube replys appear below the person your responding to?

YouTube's rule-of-thumb is if your "reply" is for a comment which isn't on the 1st page, then your reply will, by default,appear as a "new comment".That is why people's "replies" to video-comments ... Read More »

How to Sell Items on Craigslist?

Ready to make some extra cash and get rid of that imported beer can collection? This article will show you the best way to position your formerly priceless possessions to sell on Craigslist. Read on!

Phone calls with nobody there?

If you passed out from a low blood sugar, and nobody was there to save you, how long would it take you to die?

A lot depends on how low your blood sugar goes, the individual, how long it remains low, etc. I believe, if my recollection serves, you would have to go below 10 mg/dl (.6 mmol/l) for more than a f... Read More »