Is there a real Not A Joke Or Prank retinal eye scanner lock for android?

Answer Fast Android News and Free App here :

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Where to buy retinal scanner?…… a while to find these but this was all I could find.....

Is google real name topeka or just a joke?

april fools day to you yep its just a prank that the people in google headquarters thought was going to be funny for the april 1 2010 april fools day

Is Conficker an April Fools joke or is this real?

The April fools joke has been perpetrated on us all by Microsoft and the anti virus makers. There is no legitimate reason for malware to exist other than to sell a product for a perceived threat. O... Read More »

How to Play a Computer Caps Lock and CD Tray Prank?

This will explain how to have fun pranking your friends. this MUST be saved as a vbs file ( filename.vbs) so that it works correctly.This will show you how to do one of two options, or both. Open a... Read More »