Is there any REAL grants websites where I can get REAL money?

Answer The government is NOT in the business of giving away free money for the sake of giving away money. There are no grants for paying bills, no grants for paying off credit cards, no grants for getting... Read More »

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There aren't any real prolifers on this board, are there?

I get what you mean, and I agree with it on all levels. There's no in between on matters like this, and your kidding yourself if your pro-life but would condone abortions for some and not others. I... Read More »

How to Search for Bigfoot?

In early October 2010, Chinese scientists announced that they're looking to add new members to their special team searching for Bigfoot in the Hubei Province.[1] The legend of Bigfoot continues to ... Read More »

How to Get the Bigfoot From Gretchen?

The Cryptids Island level of "Poptropica" ends with your chief rival, Gretchen, trying to fly away with a captive Bigfoot. Your goal in this level is to get proof of a legendary monster, and the on... Read More »

How to Join a Bigfoot Research Expedition?

Whether you're a believer or skeptic, you can join a Bigfoot research expedition to search for evidence of the mysterious creature. Expeditions would bring you out to areas where Bigfoot has been r... Read More »