Is there a program to check my hard drives health?

Answer Download HDTune: get the free version. It will display the status of the disk, and a general health indication....

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Are there external ps3 hard drives?

Sony does not offer an external hard drive for the Playstation 3 as of April 2010. Users can install a standard computer hard drive through the use of the backup utility built into the Playstation ... Read More »

Is there any difference in IDE cables for hard drives?

There are two primary types of IDE cables: cables with 40 internal wires, and cables with 80 wires. The fastest hard drives require 80-wire cables to avoid the signal reflections and crosstalk that... Read More »

Is there any harm to hard drives if i defragment the c drive?

Defragmenting simply re-arranges the information on your hard drive and places it at the start. Think of it like you have a bookshelf with books laying down, out of order, back to front etc.. also... Read More »

Are there external hard drives I could buy to increase space on my computer?

yes, we use a 500gb external drive to hold our music and movies. it's great because we can move it between our computers here at home. when i bought it there was one that was 1 terabyte, but it wa... Read More »