Is there a program that can do this?

Answer I doubt there is a program, because the phone processer is way to weak to handle what processing the computer does, i mean all the phone does is handle apps and very small tasks compared to a compu... Read More »

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Is there an anti-virus program that will PREVENT this FBI MoneyPak threat from locking up my computer?

Windows Defender is poor against trojans. Don't know how Trend micro is. I would recommend switching to full version of Kaspersky internet security or Eset.

Is there a program that i can download so that i can have sound on my computer?

No sound after an upgrade usually means that you are missing the sound driver(s).What computer or motherboard do you have? That will determine which driver(s) you need.

Is there some kind of program that i can use on my Vista 64 bit that will allow me to use multiple wallpapers?

Yes, there are applications that will do such things. Just do a quick Google search on the following keywords: multiple wallpapers vistaHere is but one of those links found:http://www.desktoptake... Read More »

There have been somewhat sharp pains in the breasts it's been said that this usually comes before your period however there has never been this pain before now; should there be concern of pregnancy?

Answer Personally I haven't heard of sharp pains in your beasts being a sign of a period. Tender breasts are signs of periods or pregnancy or even hormonal changes. It is possible it could be pregn... Read More »