Is there a professional code of ethics for attorneys?

Answer Lawyers do abide by a code of professional ethics, which is established by the State Bar Association under which they are licensed. These ethical codes are not legally binding, but complaints can b... Read More »

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Professional Code of Ethics?

Every career carries a set of ethics with it: ways to behave around colleagues, customers and even competitors that treat everyone fairly and respectfully. It can be easy to lose sight of ethical t... Read More »

Professional Code of Ethics in Education?

There are a variety of organizations that have a code of ethics for teachers, which include teacher unions and state licensing organizations. Despite the different codes, the core beliefs of all of... Read More »

The Code of Ethics for a Professional Accountant?

There is no single "code of ethics" for all accountants. Many variations exist, depending on factors such as what type of accountant you are (government vs. business), where you practice and what o... Read More »

The Code of Ethics for a Professional Nurse?

The professional nurse, or nurse practitioner (NP), adheres to an ethical code that makes patient care a primary focus of the profession. However, while caring for the patient the NP must know and ... Read More »