Is there a problem if my pregnancy symptoms stopped in the 10'th week?

Answer Answer Not necessarily.  I had no early pregnancy symptoms at all in my second pregnancy, and most women have stopped them by about 12 weeks, you may just be stopping them a bit sooner than avera... Read More »

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If vaginal discharge stops at the 10th week of pregnancy does this indicate a potential problem?

Is it common for you to develope early pregnancy symptoms a week after being diagnosed with a chemical pregnancy?

Answer Hi,Yes this is a usual occurance hun. Psychologically speaking, when someone finds out something is wrong with them they can begin noticing or experiencing symptoms and the same applies to ... Read More »

In 7th week of pregnancy and heavy period with cramping but still getting sickness and pregnancy symptoms whats wrong?

Answer i think u should call ur doc asap because it s never b a good sign to have heavy bleeding while u r pregnant

Can you have pregnancy symptoms the first week?

Answer Opinion 1: Yes, you can have symnptoms before you have even gotten to the point of missing a period. Sometimes the symptoms can be caused by something other than pregnancy so you should tak... Read More »