Is there a printer out there that works with Vista!?

Answer ok this is realy simple when looking for a printer for vista buy one with a color symbol that says certified for vista dont buy one with a greyscale symbol that says compatable with vista cause thi... Read More »

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If a printer says it works with windows 2000/xp home and pro will it work with Vista?

Maybe - maybe not - tell us the make and model and we could find out.Post here or email me

I cannot print MS office 2007 docs. Printer works fine for other programs, Operating- Windows Vista?

What kind of errors or messages do you get when you print Office documents?Double check to make sure your printer is set as the Default printer.Try powering off (shut down) both the printer & your ... Read More »

Vista, XP, and Vista Printer Sharing?

Here's the Microsoft Help page on how to Share a Printer (for Windows Vista):…It'll walk you through it. If you continue to have problems, click on Troubl... Read More »

Which Microsoft Office works with Vista?

Microsoft Office 2007 works with Windows Vista and Vista also has features to improve the way Office 2007 works. Office XP and Office 2003 can also work with Windows Vista with the use of the Compa... Read More »