Is there a printer hookup on an HP laptop?

Answer HP laptop computers offer printer hookups or connections via any of the laptop's USB ports. The printer must be USB compatible, however. HP laptop computers do not offer printer connections via par... Read More »

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How do i hookup my printer to my laptop?

Use a USB cable to go between the computer and the printer. Download the appropriate drivers for your Windows version and your Printer model from…and inst... Read More »

Do i need a router to hookup my wireless printer?

and the manual says ....[it's online if you've lost it]it probably still has a USB connector if you don't have a wifi router.

Is there an item i can buy or any other way i can connect my laptop and printer wirelessly?

It depends on the spec of your laptop and printer. If they both have blue tooth or wifi, then you can do it already.If not, you can get a USB wifi module for your laptop then a wireless print serv... Read More »

Is there a bluetooth device that i can plug into my laptop and one to my printer and print wireless?

not sure u should ask on maybe u can get the answer