Is there a prepared foods menu for Whole Foods?

Answer You might try calling your local store and see if they can email their typical selection or something. However, since their is so much variety between the stores, there isn't one 'main menu'.

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Why are whole wheat foods more expensive than refined wheat foods?

I think it is economies of scale, they produce so much more refined stuff they can do it cheaper

What are the traditional Indian foods and how are they prepared?…

How should low-acid, home-canned foods be prepared?

With low-acid home canned foods you will need to pressure can them. Best bet is to get a book on it and follow it closely. There is to many details to get involved in here.

Foods High in Whole Grain?

Whole grains are vital for a well-rounded, healthy diet, offering greater overall health benefits than refined grains. Whole grains are the better pick for getting necessary amounts of fiber and es... Read More »