Is there a possibility that a woman did not give birth if she is fat?

Answer yes as she is like alex aka a whal

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What is the maximum amount of time that a woman whose water has broken must give birth?

Most doctors / hospitals have a 24 hour policy to help prevent infections. If antibiotics are given and the woman and baby are closely monitored this does not have to be a hard fast rule and should... Read More »

Why do woman give birth?

because if they dont, it will look like you are a fat lady.

Is there a possibility that an impotent man can have a baby?

Impotent means he can't get it up. so if he can manage to get it up he can have a baby. If he is sterile, that means he has no sperm and he cannot have a baby.

How old was the oldest woman to give birth?

A woman is no longer fertile and able to give birth after the age of 65-70.