Is there a place that you can visit babies?

Answer This depends on what country you go to. In some orphanages abroad you get to meet all the kids but in the US and most countries you go through a adoptive agency and if you want a baby you have to w... Read More »

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Are there coffee shops in 117 Houndsditch that I can visit?

Yup, you can visit a place called Costa, it's a street of coffee shops in 117 Houndsditch. You can check the map as it's easy to find.

Is there any way that the sites you visit in In Private Browsing can be retrieved/recovered?

Private and Incognito only prevents your computer from storing history and cookies locally. You can easily configure ur router to record any and all sites ever visited with or without private/inco... Read More »

Is there a time of year that is cheaper to visit Israel than others?

The off-peak tourist season is between January and March. April, June, July, August and September are the most expensive times to travel to Israel due to Jewish holidays like Passover, and youth su... Read More »

British folk: I just learned that unlike the US, if someone were to visit there and ...?

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