What is the science fiction TV show that takes place in space the captin is called max and there is a light pink purple girl with a tail called?

Answer Andromeda. It is awesomely campy and the purple girl changes in the later seasons (i'm not telling why or how). It is one of my favorites and i recommend it.

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What is the story behind the place called Congo in South Wales, Australia Why is it called Congo?

Those places you have listed originally belonged to the traditional Aboriginal landowners and are Aboriginal words Congo does not sound like an Aboriginal word, perhaps it's named after this Aborig... Read More »

If your child was named after their place of conception, what would he/she be called?

♦ My 1st son would be called Shepherd (town of conception).. LOL no way!my 2nd son would be called Palmer (town of conception).. again LOLGlad I didn't go that route.

Is that place Panera bread, I think its called, good?

I like it. Very good bagels of all different kinds. Sandwiches ok to but a little bit different (weird).

What is the iphone app called when you place a bubble down and all the other bubbles hit if it?

Put one 3 on top of the single brick at bottom right hand side. Put the two 6 tanks side by side on top of the higher bricks to the left hand side. Put the last 3 tank on top of the 6 tanks so th... Read More »