Is there a pci dv card which provides dv link between computer and handy cam?

Answer Yes, loads of them, but Google for firewire rather than dv. They're all the same, so there's no point in going for a name brand rather than a generic one. Have a look at the link if you're in the... Read More »

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Is there a link between folliculitis& HIV?

Folliculitis is a skin condition caused by damage to hair follicles. HIV infected patients are at a higher risk for the condition but folliculitis is not caused by the virus. Folliculitis also occu... Read More »

Is there a link between Autism and Circumcision?

Know that I'm just hypothesizing and not at all making any type of claim.If one of the first things a new baby experiences is painful surgery performed with out aesthetic, causing him to go into a ... Read More »

Is there any link between vegetarianism and aggresion?

Red meat is an important source of iron and if you are not making up for it in other ways, this can lead to an iron deficiency."Research shows that among adolescent males, iron deficiency is direct... Read More »

Is there a link between anxiety&depression?

Millions of American adults suffer from anxiety and depression. In any 12-month period, 10 to 20 percent of adults indicate to their primary care physician that they suffer from either anxiety or d... Read More »