Is there a particular age in which quality of life does not justify survival?

Answer There is no set "age" at which people become old. Old age is a state of mind. We all know people who die of old age in their early 70's (my dad for one) and people that live into their 90's full ... Read More »

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Which is the best window AC-not by looks but by performance,life...quality?

How does Down syndrome affect the quality of your life?

Not if you are a goldfish or a polar bear. But if you are human, YES!Sex, just for the sake of sex is not right. That's one of the things that raises humans above other mammals. Sex should be saved... Read More »

How do you justify vegetarianism How do you justify eating meat?

Meat is loaded with protein, B vitamins, and iron, which are pretty much lacking in veggies. In fact, the iron in veggies is of poorer quality, and veggies have other substances, such as oxalic aci... Read More »

How does the ground or earth wire of an appliance protect a user if there is a fault with that particular appliance?

All the neutral and ground (or "earth") wires in a building are tied (or "connected") together at the incoming service main breaker panel - and that is the only place they should ever be tied toget... Read More »