Is there a particular age in which quality of life does not justify survival?

Answer There is no set "age" at which people become old. Old age is a state of mind. We all know people who die of old age in their early 70's (my dad for one) and people that live into their 90's full ... Read More »

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How do you justify vegetarianism How do you justify eating meat?

Meat is loaded with protein, B vitamins, and iron, which are pretty much lacking in veggies. In fact, the iron in veggies is of poorer quality, and veggies have other substances, such as oxalic aci... Read More »

How to Make a Life Survival Kit for Girls?

Girls, you're wrapped up with stuff we want, but we want to be prepared for fun. These instructions will make a kit to prepare you for anything you want.

What Are the 10 Modern Life Survival Skills?

The weblog Lifehacker released a popular article on the top 10 life survival skills any person should have in a modern society. According to Lifehacker, a person can overcome any daily disaster tha... Read More »

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