Is there a medical reason for toddlers to cry for over an hour when nothing is wrong?

Answer Toddlers do not cry when there is nothing wrong. If they have a food allergy then they have pain in their stomach, or perhaps they are afraid or hungry or tired. Perhaps you should check with the c... Read More »

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Connecting up old phones Julia's Backyard Hotline!!! :D ADVICE ;)?

You theory is basically sound but telephones run on 48 volts not the easiest voltage do get with batteries, that's 32 AA, AAA, C or D cells or 8 6volt lantern batteries. Then there is the matter o... Read More »

Blogspot: Is there a way to limit the number of pages a visitor can access over a 24 hour period ?

Why would you want to do that?I thought the idea of a blog was to get as many visitors as possible.You start putting restrictions on visitors then your not going to end up with many.It wouldn't tak... Read More »

Is there a law in MI against having a child aged 9 come home alone to an unlocked house and stay there until a parent gets home from work 12 hour to an hour later?

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