What episode of The Office is the one where there is a bat in the office?

Answer Business school....where Michael speaks to Ryan's class.

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Is there a 32-& 64-bit MS Office?

Microsoft Office 2010 offers a 32- and 64-bit version in one package. The 32-bit version is the default installation unless you choose the 64-bit version. Microsoft recommends choosing 64-bit if yo... Read More »

Is there a 32-bit& 64-bit MS Office?

Yes. Microsoft Office 2010 provides "native" 64-bit Office components for users with access to powerful, 64-bit processors. By the same token, 32-bit Office 2010 is compatible with Active X and oth... Read More »

Is there a song called tonight in a anime show?

Oprah has been raped by her mothers friends. (her mothers friends were men.)

Why cant I get onto facebook tonight.Is there a problem?

It's a popular site so theres probably so many users on already that it just gets slow. The site could also be "under construction" and not available for use for a while.