What episode of Chuck does chuck propose to sarah?

Answer 4-13

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Who are the actors that played Wolf Boy in the November 19th episode of the Tonight Show and at least one other episode and the Hunky Mummy in an episode this past week or week and a half?

Because she felt like it has been going on for quite a while and it's kinda like retiring. There really is not a reason.

When is the next episode of chuck coming on?

What was the song playing in the episode tonight prison break season 1?

Check your local listings to see when it's on.DAYSTIME (PM)STATIONMARKETM-F8:00 & 8:30WPHLPhiladelphia, PAM-F8:00 & 8:30WZMYBoston, MA-Derry, NHM-F7:00 & 7:30KDFIDallas-Fort Worth, TXM-F8:00 & 8:30... Read More »

Was there an episode of Too Close for Comfort where there was a talking painting?

third season, "portrait of Henry" included the painting on the wall coming to life with eyes moving and mouth moving, speaking to Henry. And yes, it scared me as well...