Is there a name for these baked clams?

Answer This is the closest I could find with the ingredients you mentioned....sounds great!!In Rhode Island, baked stuffed clams are called "stuffies."Ingredients 6 1/4 pounds large clams (about 16... Read More »

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How to Soak Clams?

There are many different types of edible clams in the United States, and steamed clams are a common menu item in both restaurants and homes. When choosing clams for your meal, pick clams with unbro... Read More »

What do freshwater clams eat?

Considered omnivores, freshwater clams are filter feeders, meaning that they siphon edible particles of plants and animals from the water. When kept as pets, freshwater clams will eat invertebrate ... Read More »

Are clams healthy to eat?

On One Hand: Health Benefits of Eating ClamsThe level of iron in clams is exponentially high and they also contain a good source of phosphorus, which is necessary for building strong bones and teet... Read More »

How to Plunge for Clams?

A clam plunger looks like a plunger for the world's tallest toilet. It consists of a long handle with a scoop net on one end, and the familiar head of a plumber's helper on the other. Clam plungers... Read More »