Is there a name for the back of your knees?

Answer The correct medical-anatomical term for the back of the knee is the "popliteal" area. Structures on the back of the knee are named this way: for instance, the artery that goes through the back of ... Read More »

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Pain in lower back and knees!!!!!!?

Aw, i feel sorry for you. Maybe it's some kinda activity you are doing. As for me, ima 18 year old male and have problems with that too, just lower back and upper. I think it's from my working o... Read More »

Why is my 4year old complaining of fatigue and pain in the back of his knees?

I hope you have shown her to a doctor. While any fever can cause headache and vomiting the combination of fever, severe headache and vomiting should be taken seriously.

45 yrs old, disabled vet (50% Knees, feet Perm Tendonitis) want to go back active duty. served 14 yrs active.?

Why don't you try the National guard, It will go towards your retirement, Or get a job at the Post Office if you can. it will go towards it also. I really don't think you can go back unless your a ... Read More »

Why do my knees go in?

Genetics? From wearing thongs/flip-flops? From not walking properly? From having a straight posture? No idea, to be honest - I have the same problem. My mum says that I will grow out of it, all my ... Read More »