Is there a name for that feeling at night...?

Answer does this happen only when u've been on the train? sounds like motion-sickness, especially if you get nauseated.if it happens at night only regardless of whether you rode or not, it might be posit... Read More »

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Who believes that.there are certain houses, that just have a bad feeling about them.?

Everything has an energy. Are there bad memories for you here. Get to a place where your soul can be comfortable

After a session with my boyfriend, I get that not so fresh feeling. Is there anything I can do to aliviate...?

get a flavor you like of Summer's Eve (I like "after the rain") and drink it with a little Southern Comfort while walking on the beach with a trusted friend.

Are there any vitamins or etc. that can help get u feeling better after withdrawls from dugs?

I'd like to tell you a story, but rather than that, please read the article I've shown, to get a completely different idea toward drug addiction.

Besides alcohol is there anything legal and available that can give you a nice feeling?

there are tablets called smileys they are a mix between speed and ecstacy but totally legal, London Underground make them, they're all over Ireland and England in good drug shops (not chemists, the... Read More »