Is there a mouse for left-handers?

Answer If you go into your control panel, you can change your computer's setting for a left-handed mouse.

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Cant use the left button on my mouse!?

Try looking in the Mouse options dialog of the Control Panel (assuming you're using Windows - I wish people would bother stating!), to see if somehow the functions of each button have been switched... Read More »

How to Change a Right-Handed Mouse to a Left-Handed Mouse?

Mice are set up out of the box for right-handed users. Left-handers, however, do not need to fret. Changing the settings on your mouse for left-handers is quite simple and it only takes a couple of... Read More »

Should i buy my son a left handed computer mouse?

try to get him adjusted to a right-handed one but if he can't then change the settings on the computer under control panel. And sign him up for baseball, lefties are a good bat in baseball.

I can't left click on my computer mouse, how do I fix this?

try reinstalling the drivers for it. If its Plug n play, then check in your hardware stats to see if its detected and try to repair from there. if not, ur buttons probably just broken