Is there a more reliable but similar site to wikipedia?

Answer Try out Citizendium. One of the founders of Nupedia (what soon became Wikipedia) created a more reliable fork of Wikipedia called Citizendium where edits are screened more and editors have to be a... Read More »

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Are there any sites similar to wikipedia but with more credibility?

You can't cite Wikipedia, but you can still read it and look at the bottom of the page for the references. Then you can go to those references and cite them.

Is there a free online encyclopedia like Wikipedia but is a more reliable source that can be cited? site is awesome and reliable

Is wikipedia a reliable site?

It's a good jumping off place, it tends to give a lot of good general back ground info on a is NOT reliable. At all.Why?Because I can edit it. You can edit it. Anyone can edit it.There a... Read More »

Which site gives more reliable Tips for shares?

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