Is there a monthly fee for gps?

Answer On One Hand: A Monthly Fee Is Not NecessaryMost GPS devices don't require a monthly contract. They operate on a satellite system and should be free after the initial cost. Some GPS devices do requi... Read More »

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If Michael is paid monthly an annual salary of 42624 what would his gross monthly pay be?

Gross monthly pay is a person's monthly pay before taxes. If Michael is paid $42,624 a year (annually) but he gets paid every month, then you would divide 42624 by 12 because there are 12 months in... Read More »

What is the price of monthly directv with tivo monthly?

What does bi-monthly mean?

The primary definition of "bimonthly" is occurring regularly every two months, according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary. Some people may use the word interchangeably with "semimonthly," which me... Read More »

How to Get Through PE when You're on Your Monthly?

Ever felt nervous about going to PE when you are on your monthly? What if my pad falls out? What if I leak too much? These may be common questions.'s some information to take away the u... Read More »